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Lance Tourtelott (Republic  Services)

July 2, 2014

“We recently moved in to a community where we have trash and recycling service. I have a 3 year old son and he thinks any kind of heavy duty equipment is the coolest thing ever. One day as one of our drivers, Lance, was completing his pick up, we walked outside to watch. I didn't expect anything other than maybe having him wave at us and continue on his route. Much to my pleasant surprise, he stopped the truck, introduced himself and engaged my son in conversation, concluding in a high 5. Watching the two trucks do the pick-ups has become a weekly ritual at our house and if Lance is driving he always stops to see if we are watching, and says hi if we are. In talking with Lance he told me that he also has a son who is a little older than my son and has outgrown some of his toys.  Lance was kind enough to bring my son 2 toy garbage trucks! There are few people who genuinely care to be nice just to be nice, and Lance is one of them. He is a Diamond in the rough, and I truly, truly appreciate his thoughtfulness and kind spirit. Thank you Lance!!”