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Our Mission:  To actively build and nurture trustworthiness , respect ,
responsibility , fairness , caring , and citizenship  throughout our community. 

Our Vision:  Our community, living the principle that CHARACTER COUNTS!

Want to join us in helping to better Bloomingdale?  Just ask!
Membership Dues

Meetings begin at 5:00 pm on the first Thursday of the month. 
For location of next meeting, please see calendar link below.




COALITION MEMBERS/Board of Directors (Links; Past Chair*)

Bloomingdale Baseball & Softball Association  (Ed Zehme)
Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce
  (Melissa Thorsen

Bloomingdale Fire Protection District #1  (Matt Beyer)
Bloomingdale Lions Club  (Jim King)
Bloomingdale Park District  (Sandy Vangundy*)
Bloomingdale Police Department  (Michael Roberts)
Bloomingdale Public Library  (Kandy Jones)
Bloomingdale School District #13  (Linda Wojcicki,* Jon Bartelt, Ashley Harsila)
Bloomingdale Township  (Dawn Arimura)
Bloomingdale VFW Post 7539  (Bill Bahr*)
Bloomingdale-Roselle Rotary Club  (Bill Bahr* - IBEX Systems)
St. Isidore Catholic School  (Alma Figueroa)
Village of Bloomingdale  (Kate Buggy)
Winnebago School PTO (Marquardt SD 15)  (TBD)
Community-at- large  (Liz Harper*,  Becky Wyatt)

Contact Web master (Bill Bahr):   info  at  character60108  dot  org


Chair:  Linda Wojcicki (Community-at-Large)
Vice-Chair: Liz Harper (Community-at-large)
Secretary:  Bill Bahr  (Rotary and VFW)
Treasurer: Kate Buggy (Village of Bloomingdale)

Officer History

1998  Jerry Gordon
1999 Jerry Gordon
2000 Jerry Gordon
2001 Tom Schrieber
2002 Tom Schrieber
2003 Tom Schrieber
2004 Sandy Johnson
2005 Sandy Johnson
2006 Randy Sater
2007 Randy Sater
2008 Randy Sater
2009 Sherry Douglas
2010 Sherry Douglas
2011 Barbara Weber
2012 Barbara Weber
2013 Nancy Butler
2014 Nancy Butler
2015 Bill Bahr
2016 Bill Bahr
2017 Deyana Matt
2018 Deyana Matt
2019 Linda Wojcicki
2020 Linda Wojcicki
2021 Liz Harper
2022 Liz Harper
2023 Linda Wojcicki
2024 Linda Wojcicki

As of 2004, the Bloomingdale CHARACTER COUNTS!® Coalition is a federally recognized
not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization.  Begun in 1996, it was officially founded in August of 1998.
Early history overview article.


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Be Honest

“Bloomingdale -- caring is in our CHARACTER....”




If you stare at this below, you’ll see 6 pillars and 1 character counting.  


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Definitions of Character

What is PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)?

Please contact the National CHARACTER COUNTS! office at Drake University to discuss how they can support your CHARACTER COUNTS! and PBIS integration. Contact at

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“Character is revealed when pressure is applied!”

“The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you choose, what you think and what you do is who you become.”

― Heraclitus

“Character, in the long run, is the decisive factor in the life of an individual and nations alike.” —Theodore Roosevelt

Golden Rule in History

“…but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself….

— Leviticus 19, 18 (King James Version)

The ethic of reciprocity